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move from isolation, fear, and overwhelming chaos

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Is Motherhood Overwhelming You?

  • Do you feel like you’re drowning in chaos?

  • Are you believing the lie that you’re not good enough for your family?

  • Do you long for meaningful relationships with other moms?

  • Are you somewhere between a hot mess and Pinterest-perfect?

  • Do you hide from your kids while sneaking chocolate from the pantry?

  • Is your greatest fantasy an uninterrupted 20-minute hot shower?

become the best mom for your kids


I know you want that, but you need to believe in that it’s possible. The problem is that the pressure and chaos of raising kids makes you feel unsure, inadequate, and scared.

No mother should feel like she's not enough for her family. As a mom in the trenches, I struggle with the exact same thing. But I’ve learned to combat my negative self-talk and be more kind to myself.

Here’s how to do it.

Step 1: Buy the What’s True About You Journal.

Step 2: Replace your lies, fears, and struggles with the truth about who you are.

Step 3:  Become the mother you were created to be.



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“To the mom in the Ikea Cafe who saved me from breaking down yesterday, thank you for taking a moment away from lunch with your kids to offer encouragement, support, and this Mother of the Year sticker. To say that you've been in my shoes and to say that I was a great mom was so greatly needed. Because in that moment, I felt the furthest thing from being a great mom.”

You’ve got to read the full story!


you take care of everyone else…

And now it’s your turn! Get your FREE Self-Care Guide from I Am Mother of the Year.