10 Things You Never Thought You'd Say as a Mom

Motherhood. Everything you hoped for and nothing like you expected. Seriously, how many times a day do you think to yourself, “I never thought I’d say that sentence!” or “I guess this is my life now!”

Girl, I see you.

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And with that, it’s time for another round of Things You Never Thought You’d Say to Your Kid:

  1. I’ll start: Oh, no, sweetie we don’t taste other people’s blood!

  2. Kendra: Ummmm nope, we don’t eat food out of daddy's shoe.

  3. Michelle: Honey, we don't stick our head in the toilet. (She liked making ripples by blowing on the water.

  4. Emily: No, cats don't eat toilet paper.

  5. Haley: It’s not nice to stab people with your unicorn.

  6. Cherise: I don’t care if the unicorn has diarrhea, it still needs to go in your room.

  7. Tiffany: I can't count how many times I have said "We don't lick the dishwasher, windows, stuffies, or insert favorite here!”

  8. Kendra: You can pretend to be a puppy, but you don’t need to pretend to poop in the backyard.

  9. Bean: Next time you lean over the bed and puke on your brother’s head, could you tell us instead of rolling over and going back to sleep?

  10. Cristina: You can look at your poop in the potty if you want to.

Tip of the iceberg, #amiright?

But here’s something I’ve been thinking so much about that I want to leave you with today. I remember a time last year whenever anything remotely uncomfortable or challenging or unexpected would happen with my kids and I would automatically think, “I’m not equipped to be a mom.”

I’d enter my crying toddler’s room to find piles of puke all over her bed and think, “I’m not equipped for this.”

I’d be desperately trying to get the kids to bed before I had a mental breakdown and think, “I’m not equipped for this.”

I’d hear the funny, horrifying, and sometimes deep and impactful questions my girl would ask me and think, “I’m not equipped for this.”

That is a lie.

Motherhood is hard enough without beating ourselves up and doubting our abilities and worth. We are equipped. I am equipped for motherhood. YOU are equipped for motherhood.

what he has given you he will equip you for.png

How do I know? Because the Creator of the whole universe gave you those kids. He doesn’t make mistakes. And He tells right there in the Bible this simple truth: “What He has given you, He will equip you for.” (Hebrews 13:21)

  • Does it mean you’re perfect? NO.

  • Does it mean that He’s right there with you every step of the way cheering you on? YES.

  • Does it mean you should know everything there is to know about parenting? NO.

  • Does it mean that grace and forgiveness are yours for the taking? YES.

No matter what lie you may be believing about yourself right now, I want to offer you some hope. When you get into the practice of pinpointing the lie and replacing it with the truth, GOOD THINGS HAPPEN. By believing the truth you are agreeing with God about who He says you are. You are a child of God. He is crazy about you! And He’s crazy about your kids, and He is proud when He watches you mother them.

Listen, I know how daunting it is to begin confronting the lies you believe in your worst moments. That’s why I created the What’s True About You Guided Journal. It walks you step-by-step through this process of fighting lies with the truth. The stories in the journal will reflect your own. The questions will give you a starting point in digging deeper, and the God who loves you more than anything will take it the rest of the way.

This process is the exact thing that helped me break the “I’m not equipped for this!” cycle. I am so happy to say that I no longer believe this lie. I am free, my friend. (Ahem, I am still working my way through lots of other lies though! One at a time!)

I wish the What’s True About You Journal was ready to rock right now, but I’m thrilled to say it is in production as we speak. If you’re not on my email list yet, now’s the time! My email community is the first to know about all. the. things. - including the launch of this journal.

In case no one else tells you today, you’re a really great mom.

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