103,248 Times You Made a Difference in 2018!

I’m not a numbers girl. I’m a words girl. A storyteller, not a spreadsheeter.

Turns out, numbers can also tell a story so amazing that it’s hard for me to put into words.

Thank you, friends, for the gift of the numbers I’m about to share with you.

Sometimes I get bogged down with my to-do list, my spinning plates, and my spaghetti noodles that twist and wrap around each other and present as my thoughts and emotions. Sometimes, especially in the midst of tough mothering moments, it’s hard for me to remember the words I write to you. I forget the words I speak to you about self-care and releasing mom guilt and the importance of that one small moment that carries us to the next small moment. They are beautiful words that bring healing and freedom and grace.

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But today, let’s let the numbers do the talking. Let’s let the numbers be the shining stars that bring inspiration, courage, and a renewed vision to claim joy and peace and community for ourselves.

The numbers I’m referring to are Facebook metrics. As the Mother of the Year group administrator, I’m able to see engagement details, growth, and all sorts of charts and graphs and percentages that I usually ignore. This past week, I was working on a little presentation to a group of potential supporters of our mama mission and thought I’d like to include some numbers for these numbers people.

I. Was. Blown. All. The. Way. Away.

This calendar year (January 1 – December 17, 2018), 2,263 times, mamas like you posted victories, rally cries, and calls for encouragement. 16,773 of you responded positively with comments, gifs, and you’re-not-alones. 84,212 of you, by the simple act of hitting LIKE, showed your support of mamas in the trenches.

In my busyness, scattered-brained-ness, and self-doubting moments, it’s so easy for me to downplay what we’re doing through the I Am Mother of the Year movement. Oh, it’s just a Facebook group, and yeah, I write blogs, and sometimes I speak, and yeah it’s really cool when we give Mother of the Year stickers to moms at Target.


We are using Facebook, blogs, speaking engagements, and stickers to TAKE BACK OUR MOTHERHOOD. TO USHER IN OUR OWN PEACE. TO EXTEND A LIFELINE TO THE LONELY. TO UNSUBSCRIBE FROM MOM GUILT. And we’re doing it all day, every day, 103,248 times this year alone! That’s not including all the moms I had the pleasure of speaking to this year (around 600!), and all the stickers sold and gifted to moms (around 3,000!). And in 2019, we’ll start counting the number of lies we replace with the truth through the “What’s True About You” journal.

I’m fired up right now. I’m jazzed! Because this time, the numbers are proof that small moments create big changes. Every little bit matters. I usually try to add three bullet points to my blogs, but this time I think we just need one.

  • Your Moments Matter: They matter. You matter. The diapers, laundry-folding, and mommy-lay-with-me’s matter. They count. They add up to what will become trusting relationships with our children. The meals made for friends, the kind words to a stranger, the doors held open for stroller-rolling moms. They all matter and add up to your life, well-lived.

If you’re as excited as I am to be part of the I Am Mother of the Year movement, here are a couple steps you can take, if you haven’t already!

·        Stay equipped and encouraged with the “What’s True About You” Journal!

Thank you for an amazing first year of Mother of the Year. Here’s to an epic 2019!!!

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