5 Busy-Mom Beauty Hacks to Save You Time and Sanity

Don’t know about you, but motherhood has brought out the resourcefulness (read: laziness) in my getting ready routine. Gone are the days of springing out of bed at the sound of our first alarm, waking up in a long, hot shower, and sipping coffee while blow-drying our hair and applying our faces.

Now, I usually settle for the “good enough” look and have created a series of life hacks to get me there.

Ready to save time, feel little-to-no shame, and still look relatively put together? 

5 beauty hacks.png

Follow my lead, mama!

1.      Mascara: Girl, I keep my mascara on for 3 or 4 days before I wash it off and reapply. *Gasp* This confession probably made every Mary Kay lady this side of the Mississippi die a small death, but here’s the deal. I’m a lashes girl, so it takes me 15 minutes to apply all 47 coats of mascara. Ain’t nobody got time for that each morning!

2.      One Outfit: I pick a go-to outfit for the week. Seriously. Unless I’m going to be seeing the same people the next day, I don’t hesitate to keep rocking the same clothes. As a working girl, sometimes that’s not always possible, but you can apply the same rule to your after-work sweats. You probably aren’t that dirty. And, you’ll notice the huge dent it makes in your laundry situation. #winning

3.      Go-To Hair: For this, you’ll want to choose a quick and easy style that can be accomplished in no time but still makes you look somewhat presentable. My go-to: the lazy wet-hair, side-braid, bun. I kid you not, I’ve even gotten compliments on it before!

4.      Dry Shampoo: Forgo the daily shower (again, are you that dirty?) and #treatyoself to some dry shampoo. I like Dove, because, it’s awesome. I can just see it soaking up the grease in my scalp, leaving my hair mildly clean with a fresh scent.

5.      No Shave: Yikes. I just hate shaving my legs. Hate it. So I don’t do it. I mean, I do it a little, when absolutely necessary. (I know what you’re thinking. My husband is a very lucky man.) But winter, no way man. Summer, I guess. Spring and Fall, I rock the quick shave using just soap and probably just shaving from the knee down. Ain’t no shame in the no-shave game. Ok, that’s a lie. Shame may be experienced when the sunlight gleams off of your unshaven leg hair in the presence of others.

So there ya have it, my “beauty” secrets.

Now it is important to note that while I take these short cuts, I still feel confident and am able to talk positively to myself. If I can’t pass a mirror without the mean me in my head whispering that my flaws are the most visible part of me, then I would get myself all the way together every morning (and the mean me would still find something to pick apart).

Some days it may be harder than others, but when you know the truth - that strength and peace and true joy come from within. That these hard-fought-for virtues shine brighter than curled hair and mile-long lashes, it’s easier to skimp on the routine and use our energy elsewhere.

And someday, when our kids are more self-sufficient, sleep all night without pacis and potty breaks, and everything is smooth sailing in our own little worlds, we can rock the whole pre-kids getting ready routine. But for now, we’re doing just fine with what we got.

So what are your getting-pretty short cuts?

Also, can someone please tell me that I’m not the only lazy shaver out there?  Please.

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