9 Reasons You Need a Girls' Trip Right Now!

Whoa baby! I. LITERALLY. CANNOT. TELL. YOU. how excited I am for my annual girls’ weekend! Two of my besties (and college roommates) and I are in beautiful Denver as you’re reading this. My very capable husband and Father of the Year is rocking out the dad life for FOUR. WHOLE. DAYS. (Have I mentioned that I’m excited?!?!)

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Here’s why:

  • I get to take off the mom hat.

  • I get to spend lots of time doing whatever the heck I want to.

  • I get to eat meals at my own pace.

  • I get to sleep in (or not…I mean, maybe…please please pleaseeeeee!!!)

  • I get to hike in the beautiful mountains.

  • I get to shower, pee, and take care of all of my beauty and body needs in peace.

  • I get some much-needed pampering in the form of the world’s best pedicure and a 90-minute massage. 90. MINUTES.

  • I get some uninterrupted conversations with friends who are also Mothers of the Year who are in the same life-stage (read: managing chaos)

  • I get some rest for my soul.

These and so many more. Listen, mama, you need to get yourself some of that. Self-care is such a buzzy word right now, and it’s hard to really know what that might mean for you. But listen, taking off your mom hat is self-care. Soaking in some extra sleep is self-care. Exploring the great outdoors or feeding your soul however your soul gets fed is self-care.

After all, true self-care is creating a life that you don’t have to escape from. And although it may sound like I am running away from my husband and kids (I am, haha), I’m not escaping from my life. I’m intentionally running towards who I am deep down, outside of them. I’m a whole person with a whole identity and a whole purpose that God has for my life. I’m THE MOST JAZZED to take some time rediscovering and reclaiming some of my best qualities. The qualities that make me me. Not the qualities that make me mom.

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I also understand that it’s an extreme blessing to be able to jet-set across the country for a weekend of pampering. Not everyone can do that. In fact, last year, we didn’t do that. We stayed in my house, rented a movie, made meals, and window shopped at the mall. The important thing was that we carved out time to be together and be us.

What’s the point? The point is that you need a break. And you need to find it and take it however you can. Maybe it’s just an afternoon coffee date. Maybe it’s a girls’ night in after your kids are in bed. Whatever it is, chase it down. Make time for yourself, to care for yourself how you really need to. You’ll be a better mom when you do. A better neighbor, spouse, and friend.

That’s what I’m doing. And I’ll have a full report for you on how life-changing a few days away can really be.

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