A Call to ACTION for the Survival Mode Mom!

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Today’s To-Dos

  • Plan Meals (But Don’t Actually Shop for the Food)

  • Clean House (By Piling All Clutter Into Closets)

  • Pack Lunches (Ahem, Lunchables)

  • Do Laundry (or Consider Lighting It On Fire)

  • Doubt Yourself at Every Opportunity

  • Chauffeur Kids From Here to There

  • Run Errands (Don’t Forget to Speed Like a Maniac)

  • Help With Homework (Ahem, Google)

  • Bring New Neighbor a Meal (Ok, this is Actually Nice)

  • Climb in Bed and Make Mental List of Things You Didn’t Accomplish

This list is anything but exhaustive. It’s exhausting, sure. Truth be told, it was actually exhausting trying to put into words the items that end up on our to-do lists. But you know what is missing from that list? Anything remotely close to self-care and chasing dreams.

Ain’t nobody got time for that, right?! Well, maybe not. I’m here to make the argument that you don’t have time NOT to take care of yourself by investing in your short and long-term goals and dreams. Your kids are watching you, mama. And they won’t believe it when you say, “You can be whatever you want!” if they don’t see you model it as well.

In fact, I’ll take it one step further and admit that it may not be just our lack of time that keeps us from diving in to the future we really want for ourselves and our families. I believe it is also our lack of imagination and creativity, paired with the lack of belief that we can and should be “more.”

But listen, mama. Being “more” does not mean changing who you are. It’s (re)discovering your uniqueness that will catapult you into your confidence and significance – inside and outside your motherhood.

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Jeena came to the I Am Mother of the Year Facebook group with this exact scenario:

I came to a realization last night that I don't have any long-term dreams or goals...my husband asked me this question and I honestly had nothing to say. NOTHING! And it really shook me.

I think it stems from the fact that there's no time to work on myself or set future goals. I'm so overwhelmed and burned out with the day-to-day workload of parenting two toddlers and working full-time outside of the home that I truly, honestly live so much in the present and just getting through each day. Most days, my 'goal' is happy, healthy, fed, clean kids at the end of the day.

Please tell me I'm not alone?! I'm taking this experience as a call-to-action for self care: I'm going to try to set some short-term and long-term goals for myself in the near future. So for any moms out there that feel like I do, know you're not alone! And perhaps this can be your call-to-action, too!

 Jeena, I am so with you! Working full time and wrangling toddlers does keep you so much in the present. A blessing and a curse! I do the exact same thing and it takes it allllll out of me. If you feel like Jeena does and are READY to set aside some time and take your first step towards understanding and walking in your worth, listen up! An organization I work with and believe 199% in is called Blackbird Mission, and we have created an online course and live workshop called Spiritual DNA that will help you move from feeling insignificant to really understanding your purpose. It’s an AMAZING first step to get unstuck in the day-to-day survival mode of motherhood.

Here's What You Need to Do:

Step 1: Register for Spiritual DNA at www.spiritualdna.me.

Step 2: Carve out 6 hours in the next couple of weeks to take these assessments.

Step 3: Bring your results and questions to the LIVE workshop in Carmel, IN on Saturday, May 4th.

Step 4: Sit around the table with other Mothers of the Year as we all learn what to do with our uniqueness together!

Seriously, register for Spiritual DNA right now and get started! And in the meantime, listen to these podcasts from fellow Mothers of the Year (myself included) talking about how Spiritual DNA changed our lives!

If you have any questions about this, please reach out in the comments or via email! Can’t wait to chat with you about taking your next steps to becoming the mom God created you to be!

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