I am alone.

I’m the only mom who…

If anyone knew the truth, they would realize that I’m actually unworthy of love.

After all, that’s what I believe about myself.

So I’ll just keep it hidden. I’ll keep choosing safety instead of vulnerability…all the while comparing myself to everyone else who is so much more qualified to live life well and give and receive love.

Those thoughts may seem a little intense or far-out. But I assure you that if you haven’t thought them, the next mom you see has. I think them about certain situations at least once a day!


One of our deepest human desires is for meaningful community. In fact, I believe God created the family unit for that exact purpose – a built-in form of beautiful connection to keep us safe while teaching us to be brave. Chances are, all of our greatest successes were not accomplished alone. And all of our biggest failures were not overcome alone, either. That’s what we’re hoping to teach our kids. That’s the exact environment I hope to be fostering in my home. How about you?

And that’s the exact environment I hoped that the I Am Mother of the Year community would become – a safe place for moms to be themselves while they discover how to be brave. I’m happy to say that the community IS that place for thousands of moms.

Nothing makes me more excitedly proud than when I read things like this – check out this response to a new group member:

Welcome, Nicole! We are the women who will have your back when you post about hiding in the closet to eat a chocolate chip so you don’t have to share with your kids.

Ummm, yeah we will!

And we’ll also have your back when you need to know you’re not the only mother struggling with miscarriage, foster care, or PTSD.

Read this post from Mother of the Year, Cathy:

Are there any other mamas with clinically diagnosed PTSD (not military-related)? One, I want to know I’m not alone and two, I’m curious for others’ coping mechanisms. I’m seeing a fantastic counselor but feeling super alone in this journey.

Vulnerability is not for the faint of heart. It takes oh-so-much courage to open up like Cathy did. And courage for the more than 20 moms who commented with, “You are not alone!” and countless others who sent her a private message of support. Thank you all for making this community what it is.

As you may know, I’ve been working tirelessly on an updated version of the What’s True About You Journal (due out later this summer) – and this is one of the lies you’ll discover how to work through in this Guided Journal.

The lie is that you are alone. The voices you listen to in your mind tell you to keep quiet about every struggle and situation you face – major and minor. Those lies keep us isolated and chained to our shame and self-doubt.

What if you could walk free from the lie that you are alone? What would your future look like if you could live in vulnerable, honest community with others who could see you and know you for all of who you are?

What if you could trust that God was for you and with you in the hard, lonely moments?

What a thought, right?!


Well, it’s possible, my friend. And it starts with pinpointing the lies that you believe and replacing them with the truth about who you are – over and over and over again until the truth becomes part of you, and the lies become a weak attempt to throw you off your game.

Over the next several weeks, we’re going to look at some common lies that we believe, what they mean for us in the day-to-day, and how we can work together to combat them with the truth. And then, just so you’re not surprised, I’m going to ask you to buy the journal. Use the journal. Love and adore the journal and the way it guides you towards freedom.

Listen, mama, you are loved! Whether you’re reading this while nursing a cranky, teething baby who is obviously completely committed the destruction of your sanity, or you’re gearing up for a long day at the office and wishing you could be the mom who takes her kids to the pool today instead, you are not alone. 

P.S. Check out this AMAZING artwork from my dear friend Ami Atkocaitis and the Wellspring Art Shoppe! You’ll hold this and 9 other gorgeous truths in your hands when you get your copy of the What’s True About You Guided Journal!

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