Happy National Underwear Day! (Confessions of a Mom in a...)

Thong. Yes. In a thong.

To celebrate National Underwear Day (already a sentence that never occurred to me to even begin typing until Target put it in their weekly ad…) I’ll share a little interaction I had with my daughter this morning while I was getting dressed for church.

I was in my bra and thong. Yes, I know I’m a grown woman, a Jesus-lover, and a mother, and now I’m admitting to the world that I still wear thongs (GASP!)…but in my defense, I am more anti-panty-line than I am anti-thong, so it just is what it is. Let me live my life.

happy national underwear day.png

All to say, thanks to this special type of underwear, my daughter Josie (almost 4) walked in, assessed the situation, patted my bottom and said, “Awww, look at your little butt cheeks!” I died on the inside. One, because how hilarious, and two, because I don’t think anyone has ever taken a gander at my back side and called it anything close to tiny. I got some junk in the trunk and it just ain’t no thing.

Then, of course, I posted this in the Mother of the Year Facebook group and got so many hilarious stories of kids commenting on mamas bodies that I had to share.

Allison: My son likes to call my breasts bubbles and then proceeds to “pop” them ... usually in public places.

Meredith: My daughter said "Look! Mom eyes (my boobs), nose (my bellybutton) mouth (the bottom of my saggy belly)!"... At least my "face" is smiling.

Kelly: My then three year old walked in on me in a colorful bra once and exclaimed “Wow, Momma! What a fancy nipple topper!!”

Amanda: My little girl has said, "I like your big feeders, mama."

I’m absolutely dying. Partly because kids are awesome and partly because, as mothers, we already know that our bodies aren’t our own, but to have your kids comment on them in the ways that only they can is sort of the best. Or the worst. Or the best.

Your turn! We’ve just all got to know what your kid has said about your body!

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