Not Sure HOW to Give a Mother of the Year Award Sticker? Read On!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – if I’ve made another mother cry at Target, I’ve done my job.

Happy tears! With stickers, people! And have impact like this:

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The reasons to give stranger mamas stickers are many, but most importantly because an encouraging moment between two mothers is absolutely divine. It seriously is. Not to mention the side effects of both parties feeling wonderful. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done this that has invoked tears in the other mother (sometimes in myself).

Put yourself in her shoes for a moment: You’re shopping in Target with one or more of your kids. You’re tired, because, #mommingishard. And someone walks up to you and tells you that you’re doing a great job! That you’re a great mom! Now tell me you’re not gonna get a little misty-eyed!

Wait, so you want me to walk up to a stranger in Target and give her a sticker?

Well, yes.

I totally understand that the thought of approaching someone you don’t know, even to say the nicest thing they’ll hear all day, is intimidating. I’m an introvert that’s scared of people (mild exaggeration), and I do this all the time. You can too! (If you think you’d never ever ever, keep reading! There’s something for you below!)

Here’s how:

1. Spot a mom (you’ll know she’s a mom because of the children hanging off her arms, bouncing on her hips, or hopefully, sweet Jesus, sleeping in her cart).

2. Get your sticker out (so you’re not fumbling through your purse and can only find the remnants of a stale rice rusk and a piece of chewed gum).

3. Make eye contact with the kids OR the mom. Your choice! (Sometimes it is less intimidating to say hi to the kiddies first).

4. Say these exact words, “Hey, I just wanted to give you the Mother of the Year award! If no one else tells you today, you’re a GREAT MOM!” (Keep it simple!)

5. Peel the sticker for the mama and hand it to her. (You can also attempt to put it on her shirt, but that could get a little awkward, because…umm, just take my word for it).

6. She’ll say something along the lines of, “Thank you so much! Wow! You’re going to make me cry!” (Ahem, that’s the goal! Unexpected tears of joy!)

7. Walk away and try not to cry yourself, because you have just made a difference in the day of another mom. (You rock!)

8. Pat yourself on the back because you are a day-changer. (You seriously may never know the impact you had, but you did have one!)

9.  Share your sticker story here or to the Facebook group! (We need to be inspired by you and your awesomeness.)

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You did it. Congrats. And on behalf of that mama that’s now proudly wearing the Mother of the Year award, THANK YOU.

But what if you’d never in a million billion years approach another human at Target? No problem! I’ve compiled a list of all the ways you can give out stickers to encourage mamas without any face-to-face interaction.

1. The Table: If you’re in a moms group (MOPS, etc), get to group a little early and put the stickers at each place. Act coy when other moms ask what this is!

2. The Customer: If you sell Plexus, Lip Sense, the amazing toothpaste that makes your teeth shiny bright, products on Etsy, and the list goes on…include a sticker with all of the mama orders. Bonus points for writing a quick note that says what #4 says above.

3. The Sneaky Note: Headed to a kid’s birthday party? Write a note for the mama and include the sticker. Hide it somewhere in the house.

4. The Minivan Giveaway: If you’re in the Starbucks drive-thru and a minivan pulls up behind you, 99% of the time that’s a mama back there, who would just absolutely die if you bought her drink and had the barista give her a sticker.

5. The Snail Mailer: Write all of your mama friends a quick note of encouragement. Drop them in the mail and include a sticker. Everyone loves getting mail that’s not a bill!

6. Target Acquired: This one requires a little bit of faith in humanity, but buy a $5 Target gift card, and when you’re at the check-out in Target, give the sticker and gift card to the cashier with instructions to give to the next mom with a kid in her cart that comes through the line.

7. The Meal Drop: Bringing a meal to a new mom or someone you know going through a tough time? Bring ‘em a sticker too!

8. The Waitress: This one can go two ways. First, if you find out your waitress is a mama, leave her a sticker AND a generous tip! You can also use the waitress to deliver a sticker to a mama dining out with her littles.

Basically any interaction you have with a mom, you can start to incorporate sticker-giving into! I really believe through these brief moments of encouraging interaction, we can combat the mom shaming and culture of judgment that seems so prevalent these days.

Something magical happens within us as we begin to spot mamas and give them a boost, too! We train our brains to look outside of ourselves and our circumstances, and what a welcome break from the madness! Right?!

Let’s change mom culture…one sticker, one mama at a time!

What’s your favorite way to give a sticker or encourage other mamas?

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