How To Sneak Some QUIET in a House Full of Toddlers

Yes indeed. It is possible. Through the magic of self-care. A bubble bath, some hot tea, maybe a good book…or maybe it’s more than that. Maybe it involves sacrifice, getting to know yourself better, and prioritizing the moments that truly make you a better mama!

One of the things I’ve found that brings me some pretty legit joy is drinking coffee from a real mug, in a quiet home, having some quiet time to pray and prepare my heart for the day. Is this possible? I promise it is, friend.

But it involves getting up before your kids. (Truthfully, for me lately it has been getting up before the kids might even possibly wake up, NOT waking up 15 minutes before I want them to wake up, because you know they’ll wake up crying in the crib or having to “go potty really really bad” and wreck the whole dang thing. Every. Single. Time.)

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Mother of the Year, Natalie, gets it! She wants to make this quiet time a priority, and leaned into the I Am Mother of the Year Facebook group for some advice on actually getting out of her cozy bed.

She writes, “My goal is to get up early and have my time with God and to be awake already when the kids get up -- not wake up to the poking of toddlers. The thing is, I find myself turning off the alarm, waking my husband up to go to work, and then falling back asleep until said toddlers start poking. What are your tricks of the trade for getting up I'm the morning before your kids?”

Some of our mamas gave her some good, practical advice:

Candice: I put my coffee pot on an alarm so it starts brewing when I want to get up. A great incentive!

Lauren: I have my alarm set across the room from our bed, and it snoozes every 5 minutes for 15 minutes. By the second snooze, I'm awake!

One mom went straight for the taste buds, I mean, heart:

Christine: Set out a frozen chocolate croissant from Trader Joe’s the night before, so it’ll rise. That way you’ll know you have a treat waiting for you if you do get out of bed just have to pop it in the oven when you wake!

But I also loved how other mamas echoed the importance of starting our days off with quiet time:

Laurryn: I totally understand the need to get a little time to yourself before the kids are up! I'm in a much better mood if I do this… I'll have coffee stuff (or my breakfast stuff) prepped on the counter so I make it as easy as possible for myself when I think about getting up and enjoying that time to myself to make a better day for all of us!

Bethany: I, too, would benefit from being with God earlier in the day versus the kids loudly waking me up.

Only in returning to me and resting in me will you be saved. In quietness and confidence is your strength..png

I think of it one of two ways when my alarm goes off in the morning:

1.  I can’t be any more tired than I am right now. And it’s highly unlikely that an extra 30 minutes of sleep is going to be a total game-changer for me. I’m still going to be all kinds of tired.

2.  5-4-3-2-1 GO! It’s called the 5-second rule from a book by Mel Robbins. Let’s be serious, I haven’t read this. However, I heard about it from a friend, watched a little video about it, and then implemented it myself. The premise is that you only have 5 seconds before your brain starts spitting out excuse after excuse after excuse. For everything in your life. So if you’re going to act, it’s going to be in the first 5 seconds. So on the mornings I’m really on the struggle bus, it’s 5-4-3-2-1 GET OUT OF BED!!!

For you, it might not be the mornings. But finding time for prayer or journaling or reflection can make all the difference in your day and your motherhood! If you’re feeling crazy more than you’re feeling peaceful, consider carving out 5 minutes of shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh into your day. Guarantee you, you’ll be hooked and making room for more! And that’s when the magic happens!

How do you make time to quiet yourself during the day? If you’ve got any advice, we'd love to hear it in the comments below!


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