I LOVE YOU, But Leave. Me. Alone.

What do Mothers of the Year want for Valentine’s Day?

“Wow, my [Insert: wife, girlfriend, baby mama, significant other, etc.] is so unbelievably amazing. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and I can’t possibly buy her anything that amounts to how I feel about her awesomeness. I mean, day after day, she amazes me with her selflessness, her undying dedication to our family, her hard work. The way she can create an amazing meal out of thin air (or Uber Eats). The way she makes everything look easy (And only melts down every other day). The way she lovingly and gently, never yelling, rebukes the children (Ok, maybe not that last part). The way she prioritizes my needs over hers (Yes, please hand me the remote so I don’t have to get up). The kids needs over hers (They get new clothes, they get haircuts, they get baths). Everyone else’s needs over hers (Best friend in crisis gets a wine delivery. Church needs a volunteer to man the donut station). What could I do to even make a dent in the amount of love and gratitude and respect I have for her?”

Well, wasn’t that just a wonderful trip into the male mind? HA! I’m sure I just took that word-for-word from my husband’s brain, and yours, and your boyfriend’s or whoever your significant other happens to be. We really are amazing creatures, aren’t we?!

So that begs the question…what do all of the amazing mama-creatures in our lives want for Valentine’s Day???

Not surprisingly, it comes pretty close to what moms really want for Mother’s Day.

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LEAVE. US. ALONE. or at least KID-FREE for any length of time. Sounds harsh, huh? Definitely sound unromantic and anti-Valentine’s-Day-ish….but oh baby, that sounds like heaven to me.

Don’t believe me? Let’s check in with the http://www.facebook.com/groups/iammotheroftheyearI Am Mother of the Year Facebook group to confirm:

  • Amanda: A day to myself. And maybe a gift card to get my nails done and go out to eat…by myself!

  • Amy: To have 1 day where I am not asked a single question that they can figure out the answer to on their own.

  • Kirma: My husband to take my kids out of the house for the day so I can clean and listen to podcasts.

  • Rachel: Silence.... and a good book...

  • Andrea: I would love some sleep and no kids climbing on me for a whole hour.

  • Kendra: A day of nothing!!! No cooking, no cleaning, no errands....nothing!!! Chilling, watching what I want on TV, and a bubble bath before bed.

  • Taylor: Read a book in my jammies all day and sleep without interruptions!

  • Samantha: Honestly, peace and quiet.

  • Amanda: 24 hours in a hotel by myself - no kids or husband allowed!

  • Stephanie: A really deep tub with a lock on the bathroom door.

  • Donisha: A day to myself.

Other ideas include:

  • Robyn: Dinner out, planned by the hubby.

  • Cassidy: A massage.

  • Danielle: I just want someone to clean my house.

So listen, we’re making it easy on you here. And pretty cheap. No lingerie. No fancy dinner out. No stuffed teddy bear the size of an actual grizzly. We just want to be shown how loved we are by being able to take some time by ourselves and practice self-care as a verb.

And mamas, listen. If you don’t get some alone time for Valentine’s Day – don’t fret. Plan to incorporate it into your life soon. Seriously, make this a priority! You’ll be better for it! And if you need some other self-care ideas that have nothing to do with bubble baths and chocolate, download your FREE Self-Care Guide HERE.

Happiest of Valentine’s to you, friends!

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