If I Hear the Name "MOMMY!" One More Time, I'm Going to Lose My Ever Loving Mind

 “Mommy, mommy, mommy, mommmmmmmmmy, mommeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!”

My daughter is at the age (4 ¾) where every sentence that she speaks to me starts with “Mommy” just because she thinks that if she doesn’t say it, I’m not listening. And then there’s my son (almost 2), whose first words were “car” and “truck.” Obviously, we gushed over him when his sweet little voice started saying “Mommy!” But now he thinks it is his duty to point out every single car or truck in sight – even when we’re driving. “Mommeeeeeeeeeee! Car! Car! Car! Truck! Car! Truck! Car! Car! Mommeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Truck!”

If I hear the word “Mommy” one more time, I think I might lose my ever loving mind.

if i hear the name mommy.png

This was word-for-word what I was thinking last weekend. While my husband worked outside and ran errands and did all the things, I managed the inside of the household and wrangled the tiny ones. The day was completely ordinary, so it must’ve been something internal, something physical that was bubbling up inside of me, that drove me to the absolute edge of sanity, where my only logical step for getting some peace and quiet was loading the kids in the car and making a special run to the gas station to fill a tank that was only half-empty.

Because I’m a rebel without a cause, I usually don’t wait outside while I’m pumping gas. But that day-I did, and I prayed that the gas would move at the slowest possible speed from the magical underground reservoir, through the hose, and into the tank. It didn’t. But the one glorious minute of peace and quiet I got at pump six felt like an absolute vacation.


So listen, if you’re on the brink of a breakdown for any reason, here’s what you need to do:

  • Take as many mini-vacations as you can. Long weekends away?! Hahahaha. No. I’m talking about the little things like walking sloooooooowly around the car to the driver’s door after buckling in the kids, half hour trips to Target to roam the aisles, and every single night after bed, sweet, bedtime! *But here’s the trick: You actually have to start thinking about these moments as breaks. Relish them. Savor them like you would the last dark chocolate salted caramel Ghirardelli square in the bag.

  • Make room for some actual self-care time. Carve out some space in your day or week to do the things that fill you up. You can’t stay on empty for too long, because inevitably, when you’re at the end of your rope, the kids will be the wildest, loudest, and neediest humans on the planet. Don’t let it get there. Fill your cup first, mama.

  • Pray. Just pray. Seriously, figure out a few prayers you can say faster than it takes you to change a diaper. I like to choose a couple song lyrics and some scripture to whisper in my chaotic moments. A couple current favorites are: “Give me wisdom, you know just what to do…” from the song God, I Look to You. And from the book of Hebrews, “What He has given you, He will equip you for.” Let it be so. Inviting God into your motherhood will make all the difference, friend!

And now……..take a deep breath. You’re doing great. You’re going to have an amazing day! You are loved, you are a rock star, and you are Mother of the Year for crying outloud! Now, go get ‘em, tiger! (Oh, and by the way, you don’t have to love every single moment of motherhood to be a great mom. So celebrate small victories and keep up the good, hard work because it’s worth it. They’re worth it.)

But those who wait upon the Lord get fresh strength!.png
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