Meet the Mominator (Inside of You!)


The Scene: It’s 3 a.m. Your tiny chunky 3-month-old baby is breathing rapidly, seemingly struggling for breath. You rush in to assess the situation. He calms in your arms, but not enough to calm you. This cycle repeats a few more times. You, now sleep-deprived and swimming in a sea of fear and emotional instability, have a choice to make.

The Scene: You are walking into a baseball game and your princess-dress-wearing 3-year-old falls and cracks her teeth on the sidewalk. You, already under scrutiny for having the audacity to bring a screaming child out in public, have a choice to make.

The Scene: You have been dealing with a painful tear in your shoulder for over a year. Delayed by misdiagnosis and pregnancy, the time has finally come for some answers and some relief. Already waffling back and forth between whether you want the results of your MRI to show a problem or not show a problem (thus proving you crazy), you hold your breath as the doctor shares that if these cortisone shots don’t work, surgery is the option and you won’t be able to lift your obese infant and spirited daughter for a month. You have a choice to make.   


A Good Choice: Become the Mominator in 3 Easy Steps:

Step 1: Get yourself to a safe and private location. Usually, the bathroom works for me. (Pro Tip: Make sure your children are safe, secure, and unable to witness what comes next.)

Step 2: Let it come. The tears. The shortness of breath. The rational fears and the irrational ones. Let yourself dissolve into a puddle of ridiculousness as you chase every thought down to the worst possible scenario. 

Step 3: Lock it up. As quickly as you let the emotions come, let ‘em go. Your time for tears, panic, and uncertainty is over. You are now the Mominator and you will confidently emerge from your hiding place ready to handle. that. business. 

Sling on the left arm for a month? No problem, you right side will get jacked. No two-front teeth for your 3-year-old? Cool. Now she’s got a Christmas theme song for the next 2-6 years. Kid can’t breathe? I’m on it. Call in reinforcements including but not limited to your family, your hubs, and a team of medical professionals who tell you they can’t find anything wrong with him but if it happens again to bring him back to the ER (where they will probably find nothing wrong with him again). 

I just saw a quote the other day on Instagram, and it was this:

Mominator 2.png

You and your alter ego, the Mominator. 

Godspeed, my friends! 

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