What Do Moms REALLY Want for Mother's Day?

Alright, here we go. I’ve got THE. PERFECT. STRATEGY. for your Mother’s Day weekend. Let’s be honest, we’ve all got either extremely high or extremely low hopes for how the weekend would go. We’ve all got the people around us who super celebrate us or barely remember we are to be celebrated specifically on this day. No matter where you and yours fall on this spectrum, I think we can come up with a little strategy that won’t steer us wrong.

What do moms REALLY want for Mother’s Day? Most of us don’t want a thing to do with our kids/real lives/responsibilities. Guess what?! THAT’S OK. Here me when I say, you have full permission to only want a doggone break on a day that celebrates all you are to everyone else.

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However, because your kids are sweet (or attempt sweetness for one day) and perhaps you’ve got your own mom or mother-in-law that will also be celebrated that day, you may not have the only say in what goes on this Mother’s Day.

That’s where this strategy comes in. This strategy is one that should not be kept a secret. Please shout this strategy from the rooftops. Forward this link to your peeps and say, YES. THIS.

Here is your Mother’s Day weekend agenda:

  • FRIDAY EVENING: Just like any other night. Dinner. Dishes (yeah right!). Kids to bed. Netflix on the couch while the unfolded basket of laundry taunts you in your peripheral vision. The key difference in tonight will be the sheer anticipation of what will happen tomorrow. Tomorrow is your day, mama.

  • SATURDAY MORNING: Your husband, support system, etc. removes the children from your home at the very moment they wake up. You get to hop out of bed, empty that bladder so nothing will distract you, and go back to sleep. Sleep until your heart is content.

  • SATURDAY LATE MORNING: Here’s where the fun begins. Depending on your interest, finances, and the like, you can enjoy your quiet day at home reading books and basking in the peace OR you can finally get that mani-pedi, the massage, and the shopping spree you’ve been dreaming about.

  • SATURDAY LUNCH: You get to eat whatever you want, whenever you want, however fast or slow you want. You can get up from the table if you want to. You will only refill your own beverage. You will only clean up after yourself if you’re in your own home (and if you feel like it).

  • SATURDAY AFTERNOON: Repeat Saturday morning. Sneak in a nap if necessary.

  • SATURDAY DINNER: Repeat Saturday lunch. Seriously. Eat a full meal in complete and perfect silence. For the extroverts in the crowd, feel free to get a girls’ night going. Why not?! It’s YOUR NIGHT.

  • SATURDAY EVENING: The family returns to a well-rested, beautified version of yourself that they may not even recognize.

  • SUNDAY MORNING: Resume traditional Mother’s Day festivities. Breakfast in bed consisting of waaaaaay too much peanut butter on a piece of toast (with a teeny tiny bite that’s missing). Coffee that got sloshed on its journey from the kitchen to your room. Homemade cards and hugs and kisses and reminders to the kids from dad that today is Mother’s Day and that means no bickering and lots of extra love.

  • SUNDAY CHURCH: Gracious sakes, bring on the tissues for a flood of people singing your praises (and God’s, of course), coupled with the pastor who tugs on the ole heartstrings to remind you in a new way that you really are doing the world’s most important job (and you are doing it well).

  • SUNDAY BRUNCH: Pretty much standard in the Mother’s Day department…and what will make this more enjoyable is the R&R you enjoyed from yesterday, combined with telling those around you that if they could be the ones to chase your kids around the restaurant today, that would be fabulous.

  • SUNDAY AFTERNOON: Life pretty much returns to normal. The compliments slow. The dishes start to pile. The kids start to pick at each other again. But it’s been a good day.

Are my hopes too high? My expectations too unrealistic? Maybe. And maybe I’m way off base. Maybe it sounds too selfish to not want to spend every waking minute with the very humans who made me a mother on a day that celebrates mothers.

I want to be seen as so much more than the manager of everyone else's needs..png

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I feel like I’m only seen as the needs-manager of everyone else. I’m the one who runs the schedule, the meals, the pre-school drop-offs and pick-ups, the swim lessons, and the middle of the night wake-ups. Not to say I’m not an appreciated needs-manager, but I’m so much more than that. But on Mother’s Day (and let’s be real, every other day), I want to be seen and known for all of what I bring to the world. I’m a whole person, and motherhood is just a wonderful layer of who I am.

And so, for one whole day, somewhere around Mother’s Day, I want to be given the gift of freedom from that one layer. I want the gift of time and space and serenity to reconnect with the other facets of who I am. Who’s with me?

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