Need a Little Summer Sanity? Make THIS Your New Mantra!

They're baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack. Yep. Your kids. In your house. All. the. live. long. day. If you need a little encouragement settling into this new normal, this is a must-read!

A couple of our Mothers of the Year (two of my husband Ryan’s cousins) both have three kids in elementary school. (They live in the same neighborhood, which makes it pretty convenient for built-in best friends and hang outs.) Last summer, they used the following philosophy with their kids and approach to parenting: I’ll allow it.

Need a Little Summer Sanity_Make this your new mantra!.png

Anytime they could say yes last summer, they did. Sleepovers 8 nights in a row? I’ll allow it. Ice cream for dinner? I’ll allow it. An extra hour at the pool? I’ll allow it.

To a hopefully-someday-recovering control freak like me, it sounds pretty chaotic, but according to these mamas, that was half the fun. Plus, in the learning to let the small things go, they found big joy. All of the little moments over the summer made HUGE memories for their families. And, they were able to live with just a little more peace.

Think about it! Focusing on the positive and saying YES more actually takes some pressure off of you for all of the usual demands, like dinner and constant entertainment.

I’m trying to practice this now with my 3-year-old. When I can say yes, I will. Let’s chase down these little adventures together all summer long. What do ya say?

I'll allow it.png

I’ll say, I’ll allow it.

As always, I LOVE hearing from you, so if you’ve got some sure-fire ways to lean into the new normal of summer, drop a comment below!

Disclaimer: This should go without saying, but safety and mild logic did rule over danger. If you’re going to adopt this summer mantra, please use with caution.

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