Pay BIG ATTENTION to Small Moments

Do you ever feel like you’re waiting FOREVER for something to happen (job to come through, children’s behavior to change, dream to be realized) and it takes waaaaaaaaaaaaay longer than you anticipated?


Listen, mama. If you’ve been reading some of my latest blogs, I’ve confessed that I pretty much have been in a place of complete and utter despair when it comes to figuring out my 4-going-on-14 girl child, Josie. We’ve been struggling to reign in her outbursts of anger and I-don’t-need-to-listen-to-you attitude. It’s exhausting to say the least.


Here’s what I’ve been realizing, in parenting and in just regular ole living: I’m paying attention to the wrong things! I’m waiting and waiting on these huge moments of success and forgetting to celebrate or sometimes even acknowledge the small moments that are successful! (Umm isn’t that the entire point of the I Am Mother of the Year movement??!!)

Here’s what I forgot to celebrate while waiting on the big behavior changes in Josie (and some other big projects that have stalled in the middle, ie: the What’s True About You Guided Journal project):

  • All of Josie’s other behavior: She’s been more patient, sweet, and attentive than ever before. She’s making good choices when it comes to listening, picking up after herself, and following directions. She’s literally the sweetest big sister to her almost-two-year-old brother who is just learning how to talk. Her creative genius is transitioning from choosing bizarre outfits (bittersweet) to artwork and coloring elaborate pictures.

  • A new collaboration: When I was first dreaming of launching I Am Mother of the Year, my greatest hope was to create monthly subscription boxes for moms to help them focus on taking a few moments for self-care. Now, I’m honored to begin a partnership with You Were Made to Bloom – a sweet Mother of the Year in Atlanta, GA, who creates one-time self-care boxes for women. You can find Mother of the Year Award stickers inside each Bloom Box now! That’s HUGE! And kind of awesome that my dream is being realized in a different way!

  • Huge momentum: Another dream I’ve had is to create and host a women’s event. Since launching the I Am Mother of the Year community, that voice has been even stronger! And now, some friends and I are a few shorts weeks away from officially revealing the details of our upcoming fall event for all women (though I did tease it on Facebook this week!) It’s happening! We’ve been praying and dreaming and conspiring to create the most amazing event, and it’ll be headed your way this September.

But those who wait upon the Lord get fresh strength!.png

What are you missing by paying attention to the prayers not-yet answered, the dreams not-yet realized, or the all-consuming chaos not yet tamed?

One of my favorite ways I’ve heard this said (in sermon and in song) is worship while you’re waiting. Keep living, keep celebrating, keep growing in the ways that you can. Continue taking steps to become the mom you were created to be.  

So let’s hear it! Do you have a win to share?

Big Win.png
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