Raise Your Hand If You Just Need a Little Break!

I was The. Most. Excited. to share a really powerful story with you all. From a vulnerable mom who had just joined the I Am Mother of the Year Facebook group with the words, “I'm hoping that this group truly isn't judgemental because…”

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You see, she had heard about our amazing judgment-free community on KTIS, a radio station I chat with every Wednesday morning in Minneapolis. She needed us to be what we said we were. And her story is so raw and broken and beautiful and she’s living it out as best she can. I want to honor her story with the best writing I can do.

But tonight is not the night for writing an encouraging response to a powerful story. Tonight is about taking a few deep breaths and calling this week what it is. Too much.

This week is jam-packed with writing requests and deadlines for work, meetings, a radio show, a speaking engagement, small group, and my Monday night girls…all great and wonderful things (many, unfortunately spoiled by a string of daily migraines). But I didn’t even mention my husband, and oh yeah, my two kids. And their drop-offs and pick-ups and 4 a.m. cuddles and 6 a.m. alarm meant to rouse me for quiet time and coffee in a real mug. And dreaming about what I plan to create next to equip moms across the country to live freely in our identity. And phone calls and FaceTime with family, and Marco Polo sessions to check in with friends. And dinner that didn’t thaw in time, and open enrollment for pre-school – where we’re supposed to put money down for a plan that may or may not be in the best interest of our family 8 months from now.

So tonight as I write, or this morning, as you read, relate, empathize, and commiserate with me, I know you’re there too. And you may have different, harder, and more daunting parts of your week. But even if you’re just sick of being called mom, just for now, just for this morning, because you’ve already been called mom 7,583 times this hour, this is for you. For all of us.

Let’s take a 2-minute rest together. Follow these steps with me. Repeat as often as needed.

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My go-to verse right now is from Hebrews. And I believe this is even referring to our kids. I mean, I absolutely NEED for it to be applied to my mothering as well. He has given us our kids, and has equipped us to raise them — hard as it may be! Repeat it 15 times until it actually sinks in!

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And now, chaos awaits! Go get ‘em tiger!

What’s your favorite verse or quote to meditate on?

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