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Win Father of the Year by ROCKING Mother’s Day!

Husbands and Baby Daddies! Listen up, my friends. I’m doing you a favor right now. I’ve polled a million women, and the results are nearly unanimous!

What moms REALLY want for Mother’s Day is…(drum roll, please)

win father.png


(To translate: what your baby mama wants for Mother’s Day is 5 minutes with each child, followed by 5 hours to herself.)

Brunch? Nope. Flowers? Ehh. A diamond necklace? Well….

In all seriousness, I put this question out to our Mother of the Year Facebook group, and by far, these are the Top 3 things moms really want for Mother’s Day:

3 things moms really want for mothers day.jpg
  •  A Hotel Room: All she wants is a hotel stay with her favorite movies, snacks, and take out. All. By. Herself. No kids, no you, and no bathroom-sharing.

  • A Spa Day: A massage, mani-pedi, facial. Whatever makes her feel like one hot mama.

  • A Quiet House: Sure, sending her out for a day of pampering would be nice, but you know what else she wants? Her own house. To herself. So pack up them kids and hit the road, Jack! And don’t you come back until she’s had her share of Netflix and wine.

Want to take it to the next level? When she comes home from her hotel or spa day, have the house completely clean. Spotless. And, dinner on the table. (Hire this out if you have to).

If you don’t think you can swing these ideas, it’s ok. But do something. Plan something. Say something about how she’s the glue that holds your family together. Say that she’s totally rocking the mom game. Say that you see and appreciate how hard she works.

Fellas, if you need some help with this, please PLEASE drop me an email. I love your mamas so much and I’m rooting for you to win Mother’s Day this year. For everyone's sake!