Tired Mama, Do You Need the Rhythm of Rest?

I don’t know how to say this without bragging, so I just will.

I slept until 9 o’clock this morning. Well, 8:58, but let’s round up. I can’t even believe it (and no, I cannot stop smiling.)

Now, it wasn’t a pretty road to get to 9 a.m. All the stars had to align…some yucky stars, some disappointing stars, and some awesome stars. Think stomach flu, cancelled speaking gig and road trip, and a super awesome sister who came to the rescue.

Rhythm of Rest.png

And when I woke up with a full bladder, before looking at the clock, I was almost consoling myself, “Hey, you made it as long as you could. Good work. You can always lay back down and rest your eyes for a few more minutes.”

And then I saw the glorious 8:58 a.m. and I literally danced my way to the bathroom.

Now that’s what I call rest. Want to know the last time I rested like that? When my daughter had influenza A a few weeks ago. Yes, it’s been a busy month (understatement), but why does it take me getting forced into rest by the unstoppable germs that apparently have it out for us? Maybe you’re like me, and the forces that pull at your time and your energy and your sanity are louder and more demanding than the force that invites you to rest.

Let’s take inventory of our rest, shall we? I see two different types in my life:

  • Forced Rest: You go go go go go until your body, mind, or soul gives up and you’re either struck down with the plague or you’re curled up in the fetal position weeping in your closet. Girl, I see you.

  • Planned Rest: You set aside 5 minutes, 10 minutes, an hour or a weekend to rest. You have a plan of what you’d like to see happen during your rest time that (generally) doesn’t have anything to do with numbing out on Netflix and red wine. Even if that plan is to do nothing at all.

Now, there’s good news here for both types of rest. God (the one that invites you to rest) sits with you in both types of rest. He speaks in forced rest and planned rest. He loves, sustains, and whispers truth to you in ALL rest. (For the record, He’s also with you in the crazy, but it’s a LOT harder to hear His voice that way.)


What if….what if….we were able to create a rhythm of rest in our lives? A reoccurring, planned rest time that we could count on to settle our spirits? That we could look forward to? That we could go into each time anticipating and expecting that God Himself would make His presence so known that we would find so much peace and strength to get right back into the kids, dinner-prep, carpooling, work, and relationships that make life as magnificent (and magnificently draining) as it is, knowing ourselves and our creator just a little bit more.

What that looks like for you is up to you. It could look like 5 minutes of sipping coffee at the kitchen table before the kids wake up. It could look like you setting aside one night a week to do something that brings you to life. It could look like an annual girls’ trip with your besties. It could look like all of the above.

Oh friend, I want this so bad for you and I want it so bad for me! Take a deep breath…and another. And let’s get ourselves into the rhythm of rest, so we can live in the reward of rest. Are you in? Let me know where you’re going to find rest, and how I can help!

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