What If I Told You You've Got NOTHING to Prove?

I let fear get the best of me this week. It was so embarrassing, but I learned a lesson that I, unfortunately, have had to keep learning over and over. Maybe someday I’ll get it right.

This week is BIG for me as we open registration for the most fantastic, incredible Women’s Event that doesn’t suck and isn’t precious. That’s right – RESET Yoself tickets can be purchased tomorrow (Friday, June 21st!) Oh the details, sweat, and tears that have already been poured into this event to ensure that we are honoring God, ourselves, and YOU with our time and talents. I cannot wait.

But the pressure is real. It is. And fear whispers over and over, “No one is going to come to this thing.” “Why would anyone pay to listen to what you have to say?” “No one is going to take you seriously.”

On and on and on.

you've got nothing to prove..png

And now add into that mix that the revamped, updated, and completely BEAUTIFUL and AMAZING What’s True About You Guided Journal is going to the printer on Friday, and we’ve got a recipe for disaster. A recipe for comparison, self-doubt, and shame when the first two things take over.

So when our Radio Theology team sat down to plan this week’s show, we talked through the overwhelming nature of this week! As I was getting all worked up emotionally, a really beautiful girl walked by, and I was in instant comparison mode. Checking every one of her features against my own.

And then I got caught by my co-hosts. Busted. How humiliating. And I cried as we joked about how comparing myself to a young 20-something really raised my self-esteem and also allowed me a fresh opportunity for root for her.

Cue the shame spiral, as I began beating myself up for comparing, for getting caught, for allowing fear to take hold of me in a situation where confidence usually reigns. For the next 24 hours, I kept looking for ways to redeem myself in front of my co-hosts. Two of my very best friends, who love me for who I am.

Maybe if I walk in with a huge smile and cute outfit…Maybe I can write a really great bit for the show…maybe I can…what if I…

Until a miracle happened. The Holy Spirit whispered in my ear, “You have nothing to prove.” And I believed it. I sat in my car outside of my office and reveled in the fact that I am not the sum of my mistakes or successes. God has created me so perfectly unique and has given me every single thing I need to accomplish the work He has given me to do.

When you know that, really KNOW that, what could you possibly have to prove and to whom?

Certainly I don’t have a thing to prove to two of my very best friends -- who cheer for me, believe in me, and value my voice.

I know I’m not alone in this, which makes it slightly less embarrassing to share. Who do you compare yourself to? Who in your life do you feel like you need to prove yourself to?

Is it the mom next door who always seems to look put together? The tutor you hired to give your kid some extra help this summer? Your ex? Your spouse? God?

Now, let’s get you out of the shame spiral.

  • Find the lie. When you’re comparing yourself, what are you believing to be true? It’s probably something close to thinking that you are defined by what other people think about you. That’s a lie.

  • Replace it with the truth. The truth is that you are dearly loved by the Creator of the Universe, and He has called you His very own daughter. His opinion of you is the only one that matters, and He has already given you freedom from your mistakes.

  • Imagine your freedom. What would tomorrow look like if you were able to live confidently in the fact that you’ve got nothing to prove? What would you accomplish with the energy that you usually put into striving harder for an unattainable goal? Imagine yourself filled with confidence and peace. It’s possible, friend.

Sounds easy, right?! Practice makes perfect…or as close to perfect as we can get. You’ve got nothing to prove, and neither do I. So let’s settle into raising our babies the best we know how and loving and supporting each other along the way.

And when the glorious What’s True About You Guided Journal is in my hands, I’ll let you know, so we can practice telling ourselves the truth about how awesome we really are! You are loved, friend!

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