What Is the One Minute Rule and What Can It Do For YOU?

I’m not going to lie to you…I’m living with a little bit of overwhelm in this New Year. In fact, I already shared how I freaked all the way out on New Year’s week. Then, I took it over the top and dyed my hair as an emotional response to fear. (If you haven’t seen the LIVE video of that story yet, you’re going to want to go ahead to watch that below.)


So listen, in all of this big-picture thinking and dreaming, I’m in hefty need of one small, minuscule, teeny tiny droplet of a life-changing idea. And I’m happy to say I stumbled upon it accidentally, stole it from Instagram, and am now taking big steps in this teeny tiny way.

I stole this from Jen Hatmaker’s Instagram post about a podcast guest that she interviewed. She stole this same tidbit from the interview, implemented it that same day, and shared it with all of her followers.

Here’s what she said, “I interviewed @gretchenrubin of “The Happiness Project” for the podcast…and she dropped so much wisdom, I am still reeling. But the one thing she said which I can’t quit thinking about is this: ‘The One Minute Rule’. Basically if a quick task presents itself and will take less than one minute, I do it every time. Hang my coat. Put my shoes in the closet. Answer a quick text or email.”

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Like Jen, I also died with shame and humiliation thinking about how many one-minute tasks I put off until I’m absolutely buried in clutter and chaos. Then, I take a look around the house and think, “Why can’t we keep this house clean?”


So, because I needed to implement something teeny tiny, and there’s not a lot smaller than a “One Minute Rule,” I got to work. 1 minute at a time, I focused on completing the most obvious task at hand.

Here’s what I discovered:

  • The mountains of clutter actually are smaller. Translation: It works. I’ve seen it work. With my own two eyes.

  • When I think I couldn’t possibly squeeze in one more thing, I actually squeeze in 5 more. Translation: Sometimes what I’m lacking isn’t time, but time-management.

  • All the small things add up. Translation: When it comes to everything from dirty dishes to toys on the floor, to the way we talk to ourselves and the way we treat others, all of the small moments add up.

So mama, let’s rest in this all the small things. After all, that’s what being Mother of the Year is all about. The small victories. The tiny moments. The minuscule seconds on the clock that either fly by or tick-tock so slowly we think we may lose our minds.

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This is our life. Let’s live it well in the overwhelming big stuff and in the tiny stuff. And let’s love ourselves and each other well in the process.

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