Why YOU Should Be Celebrating ALL the Small Stuff!

Guys, have I told you how much I LOVE our I Am Mother of the Year Facebook group? It’s AMAZING. And one of the things that makes that possible is because moms like Melissa have a safe and generally hilarious place to celebrate themselves. Check out her post:

Celebrate the little victories!

1) I managed to get well enough through lots of sleep and NyQuil to get my butt to the doctor (WIN: I slept for 3 days essentially non-stop)

2) My middle got sent home from school right as I was leaving for my doctor appointment: my mom picked him up so I could focus on me (WIN)

3) As I left, one of the Autism testing centers I’ve been on a wait list for over a year FINALLY called with open appointment and it’s scheduled!! (WIN)

4) My littlest went potty on the potty without prompting today!!! (Solo poop = huge Win)

why you should be celebrating all the small stuff!.png

Here’s how I see it: any one of these is a huge win to celebrate, but the fact is, that because mama life can be so hectic, we can miss out on celebrating any one of these! But, if we stop for a moment to recognize and celebrate the good, it will change our day for the better! Our entire outlook can change!

Plus, if I can be reasonable and fair for a moment – you probably beat yourself up over the not-so-great stuff (ummm, don’t we all?!?!), so the least you can do is battle some of that negativity by celebrating some wins! ALL. THE. WINS.

If we are joyful and at peace, we’ll probably be more patient with our kids. We might have more energy to play one more round of hide and seek. And we just might be able to train ourselves to see the moments that God reminds us that he is with us in our motherhood.

That’s what happened to me when I began awarding myself Mother of the Year each day. It gave me joy. It gave me something positive to look for in my days, instead of being swallowed by the crazy. And there was a whole lot of crazy to go around, and there still is!

Look for the good, mama! Celebrate all that small stuff!

So, way to go, Melissa! You are Mother of the Year for sure! Thanks for celebrating your victories with us, and thanks to all the mamas who cheered her on!

If you know a mama who needs some encouragement – add her to the group! You just never know how the support of 2,200+ mamas can make a difference. And send her a sticker!!!

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