What’s True about you?


If you’re not sure, then it’s time to find out…

If you don’t learn to live WHAT’S TRUE ABOUT YOU, then you’ll never be the mom that God created you to be!

This journal is a tool to help you break free from the lies that you believe and  replace them with the truth about who you are.

How? STOP, DROP, and ROLL!

  • STOP: For a mommy time out and grab your journal!

  • DROP: Drop the lies down on paper. What are you believing about yourself or the situation in the moment?

  • ROLL: Roll with the truth. Right back into your situation with confidence, peace, and a little bit better understanding of what’s true about you.

This quick exercise can be a GAME-CHANGER in your motherhood! And it’s not just for moms. Think about a teen in your life that could use this to help navigate high school! What about a single woman, a Grandma, or a neighbor going through a hard time? We ALL get stuck believing lies. Now let’s ALL break free and live what’s true.

Get started TODAY! Use these prompts below.