"What's True About You" Guided Journal

"What's True About You" Guided Journal



If you don’t learn to live WHAT’S TRUE ABOUT YOU, then you’ll never be the woman God created you to be!

This journal is a tool to help you break free from the lies that you believe and  replace them with the truth about who you are.

In this journal, you’ll read real-life stories from women, just like you, who have unleashed the power of replacing lies with the truth. You’ll hear from a teenager powering through the pressures of perfection, an entrepreneur playing the comparison game, and a mom warring against suicidal thoughts and post-partum depression. 

You’ll also find amazing artwork that displays beautiful truths about who God is and who you are because of Him. 

On the back page of each story and truth, you’ll find questions and prompts, designed to be a launching pad, as you determine your own lies and truths. 

The gorgeous artwork you’ll find on the cover and inside the journal was created by the lovely Ami Atkocaitis. Follow her on Instagram @wellspring_art! You’ll LOVE the beauty she’ll add to your feed! (Oh, she’s available for custom artwork, so don’t sleep on that!)

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