Hey there! I’m Lisa – mom to Josie (5) and Cal (2), wife to Ryan and dog mom to Case. I’m an Encourager. Runner. Speaker. Writer. Crier. Radio Hostess with the Mostest. Mother of the Year.

The Mother of the Year movement started when I felt as though I was drowning in motherhood, focused only on the negative in my day. One day I sarcastically gave myself the Mother of the Year award because it was my 3rd night in a row feeding Josie peanut butter and jelly for dinner, when it hit me. That even if my day couldn’t possibly get any worse, I was going to give myself the Mother of the Year award for something. And as I started doing that, my perspective changed because I was looking for the good in my day, instead of being swallowed by the bad. 

My mission through Mother of the Year is to create a tribe of moms who are encouraged, celebrated, and committed to helping other moms feel the same way. Through our Facebook group, you can post your mama victories big and small, and through our stickers and journals, you can celebrate yourself and other moms you know or see who are totally rocking this mom thing.

Hear the full story of how Mother of the Year got started in the video below!